Soccer Star

So, you'd like to be a football professional?

Do you think you have what it takes?
Do you think you have the same talent that Thierry Henry, John Terry, Frank Lampard and more have?

The reason I ask this, is because you're going to need it. You don't get lucky, in football. It takes a lot of hard work and practice over years to get good enough to play even the lower leagues, let alone to make it up to the Premier League!

It's intimidating, but becoming good at anything takes all of this time and effort, and you're going to need a real passion for what you do. It's no good trying to become the next Messi if you don't enjoy the game, and its match day hospitality and even moreso if you can't kick a ball straight.  You want to practice every single day, practice controlling the ball and passing the ball, practice your tackling and build your stamina and strength. It sounds boring, but it's critical to your success as a player.

If you think you're good enough, perhaps you should try out for some amateur leagues, but there's another thing. It's all very well being able to take out a fly from 100 meters away using the ball, but are you a team player?
Football is primarily a team game, each player needs to be on top form, and they need to be on the same wavelength to get the ball around the oppositions defense and into their net. Physical skill is only half the game. Extra information about match day hospitality.

So joining an amateur league is a great way to help build up some confidence in working with other players, many of which you'll have never met before - It will force you to think about your teammates' strengths and weaknesses, your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you fit into the team. Are you a natural-born Defender? Midfielder? Goalkeeper? These are things you should know before you start trying out for clubs - After all, nobody wants to pick up a Defender who can score a free kick from 80 yards, but can't tackle for the life of them!